Tiff Sample File Download (.tiff with Multiple Pages)

If you are in need of testing tiff files, you can download the samples and example tiff files we have provided below for your use in your project. TIFF file with the full name Tag Image File format is a file format used for storing raster graphics and image information.

tiff is popularly used by photographers and graphic designers due to the fact that it can store high quality images with the image data. Tiff is a lossless form of image compression which means your images would never loose quality. Due to their lossless property, tiff images are most suitable for scanning, faxing, raw image manipulation and photo editing. The only downsides of tiff images is that they have large file sizes.


1 SingleImageTiff.tiff (22KB) Download
2 multiple Images.tiff (5MB) Download
3 sample tiff file with text.tif (685KB) Download
4 large tiff file download.tif (2.3MB) Download
5 sample multi page tiff file download (1.2MB) Download
6 large tiff file download.tif (2MB) Download
7 small testing tiff file.tif(44KB) Download

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