Sample Apple .Pages File Download

You can now download sample apple Macos .pages files for free below and use as you like.  A pages file is a word document used by apple macos to create and edit documents. This is similar to microsoft word on windows operating system. Macos .pages file is the apple version of microsOft word .docx file.

Apple pages file format offers a lot of benefits such as it can be easily imported into Keynote presentations, it can be easily exported into other popular document formats like pdf, docx, etc. Also pages file formats has the ability to store multiple or large documents like lengthy books and reports.

So we have provided you with example .pages file for you to download and use.

1 Sample1.pages (45.2KB) Download
2 Sample2.pages (26kB) Download
3 Sample3.pages (685KB) Download
4 Sample4.pages (2MB) Download

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