How To Convert Pdf Documents To Text On Android

Pdf is a popular and standard document format that is widely used to share documents in personal and business setting. A pdf file usually contains texts, images and other multimedia elements. In this blog post, we would be providing you with a step by step guide on how you can convert any pdf document to text on Android devices.

There are several reasons why you might want to extract the text of a pdf file. You might want to get editable texts which you want to edit or you just want to get raw texts which you can easily share on social media and messaging apps. FOr whatsoever reason it might be, this app would assist you in achieving that. The texts you extract from this app can be edited on the app and you can also export it to either Microsoft word (.docx) file or to .txt file

Step By Step To Convert Pdf To Text

  • Download the pdf to text converter app on playstore
  • Launch the app and then click on the “Select Pdf File” button which would allow you pick the pdf file you want to convert
  • After picking a PDF file, the app would automatically begin the conversion process. When the app is done with the conversion, you will be presented with the raw texts extracted from your PDF file.
  • You can either copy the extracted texts or export it to popular file formats like Docx and txt file


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