Sample .AI File Download (Adobe Illustrator Artwork Example File)

A .AI file is an Adobe illustrator artwork file. The .ai format was created by Adobe for its illustrator software. The file format is also used by other adobe softwares like photoshops, etc. The .ai file format is used for storing vector based graphics in a single page. The format contains graphics path connected by points rather than bitmap data which is used by other popular image formats. The advantage of .ai format is that because it stores image data as points, the image can be enlarged without image quality loss.

AI files are the native vector file type for Adobe Illustrator which is a popular image or photo editing softwares used for creating graphics, logos, artworks and animations. When you save a graphic project on Adobe illusatrator, it saves the project as a .ai file.

AI files are also compartible with other non-adobe image editing tools like corel draw, gimp and Inkscape.


1 (1.02MB) Download
2  sample ai (1.05MB) Download
3  sample ai Download
4 sample ai (1MB) Download


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