Sample .Cer File Download (Sample ssl Certificate for Testing)

If you are looking for an example ssl certificate for testing, then you can download them below. We are providing you with sample .cer files for you to download and test your apps and softwares with it.

A cer file is an internet security certificate that is used to verify the authenticity of a website. Cer files allows browsers to verify if a website is safe and secured.

we have provided sample valid, invalid, revoked and expired SSL/TLS Certificates for you to use below.

How To Open Cer Files


To Open Cer files on windows, you can use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google chrome, mozilla firefox.


You can open .cer certificate files on apple macos with Apple Safari and Adobe Acrobat DC .


1 Sample Cer File (1.2KB) Download
2 CER Security Certificate file sample (1.1KB) Download
3 Sample certificate files.cer (1.2KB) Download
4 Sample ssl certificate for testing (1.9KB) Download

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