Sample .BMP File Download (Bitmap Image)

The bitmap image or .bmp file extension is an image format developed my Microsoft. This image format is used to store uncompressed raster file to display high quality image. Bmp file format is suitable for storing high quality images in digital bitmap file. These images can be used for printing or photo manipulation. The bmp files contains a header that stores relevant information about the image. These information include the file size, image dimension, bitmap identifier, ICC color profile data and compression format. After the header, then you get the raw image pixel data. BMP files are usually large in size due to the fact that they contain uncompressed data. If you are looking for a small size image format, you can try Jpeg or png.

You can open .bmp files with pretty much any image viewer or editing software. On Windows operating system, you can open bmp files with microsoft photos, adope photoshop, CorelDraw etc while of Apple macos, you can open bmp files with Apple photos, Apple preview, etc.

You can download the below sample bmp files for free to be used for testing and other purposes.

1 bmp file example.bmp (1MB) Download
2 free bmp file.bmp (3.5MB) Download
3 Three color image bmb (1MB) Download
4 Full color bmp image file (1MB) Download

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