Sample DAT File Download (.Dat Example File)

A .Dat file also known as a data file is a file created by a specific application to hold information about that application. It is also a generic format that can be used to hold all kinds of information. It is normally bundled with softwares to store information and data about the softwares. The .dat file can be used to store all kinds of information like audio, video, documents,etc.


How To Open .Dat Files

Text based .dat files can be opened with normal text editors like notepad, etc. While video or audio based dat files can be open with their respective media application,


1 Sample Dat File (3341KB) Download
2 Sample Dat Video File (1.1MB) Download
3 Sample certificate files.cer (1.5KB) Download
4 Sample.Dat (2.9KB) Download

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