Sample .AIF File Download (Audio Interchange File Format)

An AIF file is an audio file format developed by Apple inc to store sound data and audio files in the Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF). This is a lossless audio file format that contains raw uncompressed PCM audio data at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and a bit depth of 16 bits. Due to the fact that they contain uncompressed data, aiff files are usually large in size and they are used for storing high quality audio data without loss to quality.

To open an AIFF file on mac os, you can use Apple QuickTime Player or Apple iTunes, while to open a .aiff file. on windows, you can use Microsoft Windows Media Player or vlc media player.

1 Sample Aiff File 1.aif (35MB) Download
2 Sample2.aif (27.9MB) Download
3 Sample aiff audio file.aif (25MB) Download
4 Sample audio 4.aif (153.2MB) Download


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