Sample Deb Files Download – Get Ubuntu Example .Deb File

A Deb file is a Debian software package file, it is a popular format or extension used by the Debian Linux distribution operating systems which includes ubuntu, fedora linux, arch linux, deepin, etc.

A debian or .deb file is a Unix archive file used to install or update Unix applications. They contain two .TAR archive files. The first .tar archive file contains the installation information while the second one contains the installation data. The tar files are usually compressed using the bzip or gzip compression format.

To install a .deb file on a linux distribution operating system, you either make use of the default Debian package management system (dpkg) or the APT package management software.

You can also open a .deb file on android using the deb file opener app on playstore.

Below are examples .deb files you can download for free to be used for testing or your research projects.

1 Sample Deb File 1.deb (668.2KB) Download
2 Sample Deb File 2.deb (6.37MB) Download
3 Sample Deb File 3.deb (39.0MB) Download
4 Sample Deb File 4.deb (192.9MB) Download

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