How To Convert Handwritten Notes into Typed Digital Document on Android

You can now convert your handwritten notes to digital editable text document using the free Ocr Pen to print handwriting to text converter.

A lot of users are searching for the best way to convert their handwritten notes into digital type text, that is why we have developed this useful app that is applicable in a lot of human areas. It gives you the ability to be able to convert your paper handwritten notes into typed text so you can use them for your  emails, evernote and other document apps.

This app works the same way like popular handwritten note taking apps like apple notes, google notes, etc.

There is also a scribble feature that lets you scribble on a board and the result would automatically be converted to digital texts.


This app has a very largeadvantage over microsoft word being that it offers you the flexibility to edit your texts in handwritten formats or in digital formats.


Download Handwritten Note To Text Converter App


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