Auto Blur Faces in Videos & Image Android App

You can now automatically blur faces in videos using this useful android app. This simple application allows you to Hide Faces In Videos and pictures.

You can use this face blur camera app to capture beautiful videos with pixelated faces for privacy reasons. This is very similar to putting mask on faces in video files whether mp4, mov or avi.
With this simple app, you can hide all male and female faces automatically using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm with higher success rate.

This android app is able to detect human faces in pictures and videos and then obscure or blur it out frame by frame.
You can also blur out multiple people faces.

You can protect your privacy and privacy of others in any media file. This is one of the top free apps for blurring faces in photos, Videos and camera.

How To Use

  1. Download and install the Face Blur Android App on Playstore
  2. Launch the app on your phone
  3. Select any of the below option depending on what you want to achieve
    • Blur Face in Pictures
    • Blur Face in Videos
    • Blur Face In  Camera
  4. Thats all, upload your media file from your phone gallery and save result to your device.



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