Handwriting To Text Converter Android App – Handwriting Recognizer

This is a useful android app for handwritten text conversion to digital texts. This is very useful for all handwritten images.

A lot of our users have been searching for various ways they could convert their manually written notes into digital editable text, that is why we have developed this useful app which uses intelligent OCR machine learning algorithm to extracts out texts from any picture or image. You can select image from your gallery or capture from your phone camera.

Steps To Convert Handwriting To Text

1. Download Handwritten to Text Recognizer on Playstore

2. Install the app to access it

3. Select your image from your gallery or capture via camera

4. Click on the recognize button.

There are other alternative apps you can download from playstore and use. One of the good ones is Handwriting to text converter


That’s all you need to use the app, Checkout the video tutorial on how to use the app below.




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