Tar File Extractor to extract .tar files (tar.gz, tar.bz2, .z)

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.TAR files are a software package that is used to compress multiple files into a single archive file. You can use it co compress a number of files in different formats like audio, pictures, videos, system files, etc. This guide would show you exactly How you can extract (Unzip) Tar Gz File.

.Tar.gz files are very common, especially in the linux environment where you come across it everyday. Tar supports a lot of compression formats like lzip, bzip, lzma, xz and gzip. Tar which stands for Tape Archive was originally designed to store archive files on cd discs.


How To Open Tar Files on Android Phones

1. Download Tar File Extractor and Opener. This android app allows you extract or open all kinds of tar files on your mobile devices.

2. Open the app after install, then select the tar gz files you want to extract.

3. Click on the extract button.

4. Thats all, you would have your files saved to a folder on your laptop.


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