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Stereo and monophonic sound or mono are two different methods for sound productions. Stereo has two independent audio signal channels while mono only has one single audio channel. Recording stereo sound requires expensive equipments and more technical knowledge compared with recording mono sound, which is not the point. The point is that in some cases, the stereo with two channels only allows half of the audience to hear the entire audio file while the other half only hear half of the audio file due to where they locate. Things are quite different with mono with one audio channel. Mono allows everyone hears the very same signal in spite of their different locations. The obvious difference between stereo and mono makes the different usage of stereo and mono. So stereo is more often used for broadcast radio, TV, recorded music, etc while mono is for radio talk shows, hearing aid, speech reinforcement, public address system, etc.

So if you have got some stereo files and want to use them for mono systems, converting stereo to mono is a good choice. To convert stereo to mono, a professional stereo to mono converter is needed. Avdshare Audio (Video) Converter is the right stereo to mono converter for most users.

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