Sample MXF File Download

MXF stands for Material Exchange Format, and it is file format used for storing media (audio & video) data and metadata. An MXF file contains information about a video or audio file. Some of these information includes video frame rate, audio bit rate, creation data, video length, audio bit rate, frame size, frame rate, etc. This file format was created by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

You can open mxf files with any standard video editing software or video player like Apple Quicktime Player, Mxf Video Player on Android, Adobe Premiere Pro, vlc, microsoft media player, etc. O

These are some sample .mxf files you can download for free

1 Sample .Mxf File (2.8MB) Download
2 Large Mxf FIle 2  (66MB) Download
3 Sample mxf file 3 (3.4MB) Download
4 Sample mxf File 4 (15MB) Download

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