Sample .INI File Download & How To Open INI File on Android

A lot of people are searching for how To open .INI files on android devices, this is why we have developed this awesome app to allow you open and edit ini configuration files. This is a useful Ini file reader and editor you can use at any time. .INI files are plain text files that contain configuration data for various applications and systems, and they are commonly used on Windows-based systems.

Ini File viewer allows users to browse the file system of their device to locate INI files, and then view and modify the contents of those files. The user interface of the app typically presents the data in a user-friendly way, using tabs or sections to organize the different parts of the file. Users can then edit values, add new sections or parameters, and save the changes back to the file.

How To Open .Ini Files on Android

  • Download Ini File viewer on Playstore
  • Open the appafter installation, the select the ini file you want to open.
  • Then you can view the content of the ini file, edit it and save the result


Sample .ini Files

Sample Ini FIle 1

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