Sample HEVC Video Files Download (.hevc, .mp4 – h.265)

You can now download sample hevc video files. HEVC  (High Efficiency Video Coding. HEVC) also known as H.265 or MPEG-H Part 2  is a video compression standard that was developed to provide improved video quality and higher compression efficiency compared to its predecessor, the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) or H.264.

A major advantage of hevc over avc is that it can deliver high resolution video while taking up little space. HEVC files are commonly used for various applications, such as streaming services, video surveillance, video conferencing, and broadcasting. HEVC files can be played on devices and software that support HEVC decoding. As a widely adopted video format, HEVC files have revolutionized video delivery by enabling better video quality and more efficient compression.

To play .hevc  files on android, you can use this hevc video converter on playstore. To play on windows or macos, you can use the vlc media player software..

1 Sample .hevc file Download
2 Sample Hevc (Mp4 – H.265) Download
3 Sample .HEVC Video (Mkv – H.265) Download
4 Sample Hevc Video  (Mp4 – H.265) Download


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