Sample CRDOWNLOAD File Download (Chrome Partially Downloaded File)

We would be providing you with sample .crdownload files for you to use and test your apps. Crdownloads are chrome partially downloaded files. Anytime you try to download a file online using the chrome web browser, the file would be saved with .crdownload extension till it has finished download after which itwould be renamed back to its original file extension.

In simple terms, CRDOWNLOAD files are temporary files created by the Google Chrome browser during file downloads. The .crdownload extension is appended to the filename until the download is complete.

These files store the partially downloaded data, allowing users to resume interrupted downloads. Once the download finishes, the “.crdownload” extension is removed, and the file becomes usable.

CRDOWNLOAD files can be found in the default download location set by Chrome. They serve as indicators of ongoing downloads and safeguard against data loss in case of interruptions. However, it’s essential to complete the download process or remove these files to avoid cluttering the system with unfinished downloads.


1 Sample File 1.crdownload (3MB) Download
2 Sample File 2.crdownload Download
3 Sample File 3.crdownload Download
4 Sample File 4.crdownload Download

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