Sample AVIF Files Download (Example Avif File)

Looking for example avif files to use in testing or analysis purposes, then we have provided you with sample avif image file download. AVIF also known as AV1 Image File Format is a new cutting-edge image file format that offers remarkable compression efficiency while maintaining high visual quality. It leverages the power of the AV1 video codec, which provides superior compression compared to traditional formats like JPEG or PNG.

AVIF files support both lossy and lossless compression, making them versatile for various use cases. They are especially beneficial for web-based applications, as they drastically reduce file sizes and improve loading times without sacrificing image fidelity.

AVIF’s widespread adoption is increasing due to its compatibility with modern browsers and software. It represents a significant advancement in image compression technology, enabling efficient and visually stunning imagery.

1 Sample Avif File 1.avif (35MB) Download
2 Sample AVif File 2 – Yuv420.avif (27.9MB) Download
3 Sample avif image file – Yuv422.aif (25MB) Download
4 Sample avif 4 – Yuv444.aif (153.2MB) Download

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