Hunter’s Prayer (Soundtrack)

Download Hunter’s Prayer Soundtrack  mp3 for free use. The Hunters Prayer Poem theme music and OST is available for free download and use. it comprises of all the songs and music in the movie. The music was by federico Jusid. The Movi was produced by Jonathan Mostow

Tracklist (40)

  1. Metzger Visits the Hattos
  2. Ella Goes Ou t- Lucas Follows Ella
  3. Shooting & Car Chase
  4. Ella Escape – Car Approaching -Voicemail from Dani – Lucas Comes Back
  5. My Name Is Lucas
  6. Ella Hides Under the Dash
  7. Get Into the Truck
  8. I Love to Talk Garage Ella Gets in the Truck – The Border
  9. Banks Arrives at Addison’s Domains – Arrival to Vacation House
  10. You Had Such Potential Lucas & Addison On the Phone
  11. Bathroom Phone Call v
  12. Bathroom Phone Call v
  13. Are You Going to Kill Me v
  14. Are You Going to Kill Me v
  15. Ella Runs Away in the Forest – Your Father is Dead
  16. Shooting at the Road Café
  17. Are You a Diabetic?
  18. Lucas Calls His Family
  19. Wallet Photo
  20. Dani Ella at the Dining Wagon
  21. Pure Magic!
  22. Shootout at the Station
  23. Learning How To Kill
  24. I Trusted You Lucas About to Get a Dose England APT
  25. When You Take a Life It Takes Yours
  26. Ella Faces Addison v
  27. Ella Faces Addison v
  28. Ella Escapes from Addison’s
  29. Detention and Interrogation – Addison Talks to Gina
  30. Lucas Office
  31. Banks Picks Up Ella – Ella Suspects
  32. Addison Calls Lucas
  33. Banks and Metzger Arrive – Lucas at Addison’s Door
  34. Lucas at Addison’s Ball
  35. Gonna Kill ‘Em All
  36. Basement Corridors Ella Gets Shot
  37. Metzger and Addison’s End
  38. Ella is Alive and Time Passes – Lucas Calls Ella – Lucas Joins His Family
  39. The Hunter’s Prayer Final Credits

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