How to Convert Videos to Pdf – Video To Pdf Converter Online

Video to pdf converter is one of the latest technology that allows you to convert any video file to pdf formats. This is very useful for students and lecturers to be able to convert their recorded lecture notes to readable document formats. This video to pdf android app converter works by taking screenshots of key moments in the mp4 or mkv video and then compile it as a pdf file for easy use.

With this app, you can use your mobile phone to convert youtube videos to pdf online for free. You can now easily read the documents and search through it. The app works locally without requiring internet connection.

You can use this app to preview videos or to make storyboards easily on your phones. You can select video files from your mobile phones, google drive or dropbox. The app supports all popular video formats like mp4, 3gp, mkv, avi, webm, flv and vob.


Step By Step To Convert Video To Pdf

  1. Download & Install the video to pdf file converter app on playstore
  2. Open the app after installation, then select the video file you want to convert
  3. After selecting the video, then set your pdf parameters. You can choose to allow the app automatically do the conversion or you manually select the screens you want the app to include in the pdf.
  4. Click on the convert Button to start the conversion.

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