Fist Of Fury Soundtrack [Free Download]

Download Fist Of Fury Soundtrack produced By Joseph Koo for free use in mp3 format. This is the latest 2019 Movie Soundtracks, Soundtracks and OST Theme song. Download all Fist Of Fury songs and music in zip.


1. Fist of Fury (main theme) (3:18)
2. The death of teacher (4:32)
3. We are not sick men (6:18)
4. Leave Shangaп (4:30)
5. I shall be waiting here (1:52)
6. Why did you kill my teacher (1:52)
7. I love you as much as i always did (8:46)
8. Fist of Fury (8:45)
9. Finale (3:03)
10. Fist of Fury (end titles) (2:38)

Download Fist Of Fury Soundtrack

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