Light Of My Life Soundtrack [Free Download]

Download Light Of My Life Soundtrack produced By Daniel Hart for free use in mp3 format. This is the latest 2019 Movie Soundtracks and OST Theme song. Download all Name songs and music in zip.


1. They’ll Know (2:26)
2. To The Top Of A Tree And Back Down (1:58)
3. All Hail The Mothers (1:32)
4. Light Of My Life Theme (2:41)
5. The Kitchen Side (2:17)
6. A Block Of Ice At The Bottom Of The Ocean (3:20)
7. Rag And Dad Escape (3:46)
8. You Listen To Your Inside Voice (3:55)
9. And Jesus Said “Come And Have Breakfast” (1:28)
10. Anna Elizabeth Shaw (2:02)
11. A Love Adventure (3:41)

Download Light Of My Life Soundtrack

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